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A Warrior’s Way is a dream come true and has been in the making for at least the last 10 years.  I was offered the helping hand after discharge from the US Army, but did not reach out to grab it for another 4 long years. Since that time, I have seen the need for a safe place that my fellow warriors can call home and get the courage to face straight on the challenges and goals in their civilian life. 

At A Warrior’s Way, we work with you not for you.


D A Wolfe, MBA

D Alexandra Wolfe is a Disabled Veteran of the Iraqi War, was medically retired in 2008, and has been working for over 10 years side by side with fellow Veterans.  Along with her husband , the Folger-Wolfe Project, Inc. was created to provide veterans opportunities for training and work in the trades.   It advocates for improved living conditions and safeguard homes for our Veterans, and the elderly. “A Warrior’s Way” is a Folger-Wolfe Project.

Since childhood, Wolfe has been standing up for the powerless and less fortunate.  After college, Wolfe took the opportunity to go to Mexico City, Mexico, and assist with the distribution of medical supplies and the building of clinics and schools for the "pepenadores," Mexico City’s community of trash pickers. Following Mexico, she has had success as San Diego Branch Manager for a newspaper,  Office Manager for a Parking Company in San Diego, CA. (while obtaining her MBA), and Adult Education Manager in Sierra Vista, AZ before joining the US Army. In the Army, as a Non-Commissioned Officer during Operation Enduring Freedom, she was stationed in Saudi Arabia for 15 months and then joined the Iraq War for another 12 months.  Upon return from war, Wolfe spent time in hospitals and was finally placed on the temporary disability retired list which led to her medical discharge in 2008.

Wolfe has maintained the attitude of being a professional student of life and applying this knowledge appropriately.  She received her BA in 1988 followed by MBA in 1995.  While in the military, she continued her education pursuing an AA in Arabic Studies from Monterrey Peninsula College while in 1999 graduating from Arabic at the Defense Language Institute (2-year program).  Upon being medically retired and working part time, Wolfe used her 911 GI Bill to earn her  Addiction Counseling Education Degree at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.   She realizes that all her successes have come due to the belief, faith and assistance of others. She would like to return that same kindness and generosity with others.   And  this is why A Warrior's Way was created. Welcome Home.

James K Folger

James Folger grew up locally in Washington and California.  He was the middle son of 3 boys. By age 17,  he had already become the product of 3 broken homes, multiple “moms”, numerous schools and a sister and two more brothers. By 21, he had succeeded to drop out of high school to join the Army and after a medical discharge , a few years of partying, a marriage and some children of his own, he realized he was lost in life with people depending on him.

He went to college and a few trade schools: carpentry, electric and computer tech.  His father always believed he was smart enough to do anything if he just dedicated myself to a goal or direction.  To today, his father maintains faith that great things are still to come.  James began construction abroad in Russia and then in the Washington-Oregon area.  James can point to projects he was involved in the making such as bridges and houses.  He helped others obtain direction and happiness but still found himself lost in life with people depending on him.  James, a Veteran of the Vietnam era, decided to get help.   He went to the Veteran’s Affairs in Portland and entered their addiction program and then the compensated work therapy (CWT) program. 

By accepting the helping hand of the VA, he worked as a housekeeper in the CWT program and a little later using that opportunity to get his priorities right and continually kept trying to improve, he was hired for the Projects crew and then carpenter.  He assisted  Compensated Work Therapy veterans get back in the rhythm of civilian life and work.  His eyes and heart were reopened to the daily struggles of some of our Veterans. Many are homeless or a paycheck from homelessness.  He sees in their eyes their eagerness for security and hope for tomorrow. Some struggle with the daily activities many of us take for granted: hot shower, clean clothes, a homemade meal, a warm bed and some friends or family to share this.  James is dedicated to helping as many Veterans as he can out of the mere gratitude for all the help he received.  And  this is why A Warrior’s Way was created.  Welcome Home.

Dawn L Schultz

Dawn Schultz has worked with veterans since 2008. She currently works as an Assistant Manager of a lodging program that provides free lodging to family of Veterans that are inpatient and are receiving care or on hospice reaching end of life. Dawn has also worked with many veterans over the years and has assisted them with job searches and applications, she has referred them to transitional services when needed or in the case of homeless veterans. Dawn has been a volunteer with the VA since 2009 as part of the NVDA (No Vet Dies Alone) program, where she provides companionship and comfort to veterans who would otherwise be alone as they are approaching the end of their life.

Dawn is currently the NW Regional Representative and a volunteer for the Transition to Life program which provides assistance to woman transitioning from prison back into the local community. Dawn has opened 2 transitional homes in Clark County that are still in operation for woman to help provide them the support needed to transition back into the community and gain secure permanent housing.

It has always been Dawn’s heart's desire to help those who are lost or hurting. Dawn is passionate about assisting others with determining and locating the resources they need to be successful in their lives. She is encouraging and supportive. Assisting individuals during transitional periods and making herself available to those in need is of the utmost importance to her. She understands that we can’t help everyone, but you can always help someone. A Warrior's Way will allow an opportunity to offer support and stability for those who served but now struggle.  And  this is why A Warrior's Way was created.  Welcome Home.